Qiubo is a slang word used in most regions of Colombia to ask; "WHAT'S UP?". Therefore, QIUBO its commonly used in our daily communication, and it implies interest in the other person's whereabouts.

As a Colombian citizen, I feel stigmatized by the sequels left behind by the drug cartels, and in which Hollywood continue perpetuating in the minds of the international community.  I also believe that one of the ways I can help change that is by being the change I want to see. My main purpose is to show the positive aspects of my community by sharing our culture and traditions with others. That is why I came up with the name of QIUBO RADIO for this site.

Since I love talking, and podcasting is a great way to let my voice be heard, I decided to create a few shows where I focus on the good deeds, the talents, the positive behavior, the cultural and the economic contribution of my fellow Colombian brothers and sisters residing in the Bay Area.

I wish I could multiply myself and reach more great people around the world who are making a difference, but I think my heart is a great starting point, and the Bay Area is where my heart is. Every day, I see many local heroes and heroines who are making a difference and changing the way people perceive Colombians. I want to share OUR successes and struggles with you so you know WHAT'S UP.

So please, listen to our podcasts, our music, learn about our culture and how we Colombians socialize with the rest of the world. Maybe in the near future, you will be one of those people who'll think about all of these qualities first, before relating a Colombian native with the drug lords, the cartels or the Narcos series.

Thank you!

La Gente De Mi Tierra